Tornister 07/13

Tornister 07/13

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New, excellent reproduction of the distinctive WWI German Army "Pony Fur Pack." The Tornister pack 07/13 was a lighter version of the Model 85/86 pack. These packs were Issued to every infantryman for carrying personal kit and rations. Throughout the war many variations were produced in Brown and Grey canvas, with and without fur, etc. Our backpacks are constructed with a rigid interior wood frame which is covered with grey/green canvas and fur on both sides. Backpack also features thick supple leather straps with white stitching and grey painted metal hardware. Comes complete with adjustable leather shoulder straps. Measures approximently 13" X 5" X 14". Like original examples, fur and leather may vary from picture.

These have some small areas of the leather with natural scarring or some small spots without fur on the leather so we lowered the price. These small defects are natural and do not effect the function of the Tornister.




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